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The Wet Secrets - Give it to me straight

Official music for The Wet Secrets single - Give It To Me Straight

When Lyle Bell approached me to do a possible music video for The Wet Secrets I instantly knew I wanted to do something a bit different and out of the ordinary.  Something that was a visual representation of the band.  Having seen them live many times, getting to know them personally and being inspired by Lyle’s photography I wanted to showcase that in an abstract manner.  Listening to “Give It To Me Straight” I kept going back to a 1970’s psych vibe and wanted to do something that would allow the viewer to pause the video and see something visually unique, stunning and different each time.  

We shot the video over two days in Edmonton.  Everyone was filmed separately, meaning no one was ever in the same shot at the same time.  What you see in the final video is all put together in editing, using only Adobe Premiere Pro.  When you see two or three people singing to each other or standing beside each other, that was all done in post.  This allowed me in editing to have the freedom to create different scenes and accomplish the goal of making individual sections come to life.  

Cinematography, Direction, Editing & Colour Grading - Jay Lawrance - Two Words Productions