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Nov.16, 2015

cook it raw - Filming root vegetables part 4

Our next adventure for Cook it Raw took us to the town of Bon Accord, just north of Edmonton. Root vegetables are a key foundation of Alberta’s culinary landscape and one of the few things which can grow abundantly in our harsh climate. (click for more)

Oct.15, 2015

cook it raw - Filming Bison Part 2

Our next episode of Cook it Raw began in the heart of central Alberta. The talented chef team of Paul Rogalski (Rouge - Calgary) and Brayden Kozak (Three Boars Eatery - Edmonton) drew bison as their ingredient, so we headed to Lacombe to meet up with Canadian Rangelands, one of the largest bison producers in the province... (click for more)

Nov.26, 2015

cook it raw - Filming Beef part 5

When anyone thinks of Alberta cuisine, beef is what comes to mind. It has been the cornerstone of the agriculture industry in our province since it was founded. The word beef is synonymous with our provincial name so it was only appropriate to include it in this Cook it Raw series. (click for more)

Oct.27, 2015

cook it raw - Filming Bison Part 3

Next up in the Cook it Raw series is a grain unique to Canada. Red Fife is Canada’s oldest wheat grown right here in Alberta. Over the course of two days we set out to capture the essence of Red Fife, what it is like to produce it, and have two of the best chefs in Alberta collaborate on a unique dish using the grain. (click for more)

May 7, 2015

flight session - golden bc - "the Mountain"

We had the opportunity to head to the mountains over a weekend and stay at a friend’s cabin. Surrounded by mountains it was the perfect spot to do some aerials. This particular flight session took place right outside the cabin, wedged between the Selkirk and Rocky Mountains. (click for more)

Oct.1, 2015

cook it raw - Filming canola Part 1

The Cook it Raw series kicked off in May with an interesting ingredient.  We had the opportunity to head down to Market family farms in Vulcan, AB to talk with Lee Market about his experience with canola.  Chef Darren MacLean & Chef Liana Robberrecht were our guinea pigs for the pilot episode and graciously cam down....  (click for more)

June 24, 2015

Mount Engadine - Filming Adventure

Over the weekend we had an awesome getaway in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. It was one of those jobs where it doesn’t really feel like work since you are surrounded by beauty in every direction. No matter where you point the camera it looks good which is a great problem to have. (click for more)

Jan.13, 2015

Marcom Gold award winners!

We were delighted to hear our Markerville Long Table video was selected as a winner of the 2014 Gold Marcom Award. It is always awesome to have your work recognized (click for more)


JULY 3, 2014


We had the sincere pleasure of working on a video for the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre in our home of Calgary, Alberta. This video was to bring awareness to not only the Centre but also the people (click for more)